About Titan

    Titan Flow Control has been active in the Valve, Automation and Fabrication industry since 2001


Titan Flow Control is dedicated to excellence designing and manufacturing flow control products.
At Titan we have produced hundreds of valve/actuation assemblies to 24" 600#
We do repairs and rebuilding of all types of valves and actuators.
Need a custom assembly fast? We're specialists in rapid turnaround jobs.
TFC is Strategically located in Houston Texas, USA,  the Energy Capital of the World.




This strategic location means easy access to state of the art technologies
Titan also provides complete Machine Shop / Fabrication Services for the Energy, Utilities and Public Sectors.
From Custom skids for compression, generation and pumps to specialized projects Titan can provide the services you need.
Shown here is an explosion proof Cummins generation skid converted by Titan.



Titan welder modifying a valve for a customer.
Titan has the equipment and experience to modify your valves to your particular needs. Questions? Contact Us